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Tea Tree Australia Premium Essential Oil

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Tea Tree essential oil is, like Lavender, one of the Aromatherapy staples and one of the essential oils that no natural first aid kit, or medicine cabinet, should be without.  It's scent is sharp and medicinal, like you would expect one of the most active antiseptic oils to be.  Our Tea Tree is the premium Australian oil and has a much more smooth note than most.

Tea Tree essential oil has many uses and is extremely versatile, with applications ranging from soothing insect bites, to calming the inflammation of acne, to treating dandruff, and everything in between.  Along with being an effective treatment for skin irritation and inflammation, Tea Tree is also a fantastic immune system stimulant and has been used, for decades, by the French, as the treatment of choice, at the first sign of a cold, or other immune assault.  Tea Tree essential oil has a very broad antimicrobial activity, being effective against bacteria, mold and fungus.   

Tea Tree is also one of the monoterpenols, with high antioxidant compounds, which Aromatherapy teaches us may be used, in combination, with the irritating, high citral, citrus oils to 'quench', or control, the oxidation that is responsible for the irritation.



Botanical:    Melaleuca alternifolia
Part:            Leaf
Origin:         Australia
Extraction:   Steam Distilled
Class:          Monoterpenol

Therapeutic Tips

  • combine with PalmaRosa, or Manuka, for an effective anti-fungal treatment
  • combine with Lavender, or Chamomile, for an effective anti-irritant
  • combine with Geranium, or Lemon Eucalyptus, for an effective insect repellent
  • combine with Eucalyptus, Rosemary Verbenone or Thyme Linalool, for immune support 

INCI:  Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Distilled Oil

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