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Grapefruit Pink Essential Oil

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Alert: Now from Brazil! Dark amber color!
ALERT! Clearance priced essential oils may be packaged in opaque HDPE plastic bottles to reduce transit risk.

Grapefruit Pink essential oil is one of several varieties of grapefruit oils.  All grapefruit oils have the fresh, tart, citrus fragrance that everyone enjoys in  bath, body and skin care.  The difference in the pink is that it is not quite as tart as the white and not quite as sweet as the red, it is somewhere in between.  That also applies to the photo sensitizing compounds.  The pink will not be as problematic as the white, which contains the highest amount, but will have a higher level than the red, which has the lowest and is non problematic.

Grapefruit Pink is a great choice when you need to add a touch of tartness / sweetness to a blend.  It is appreciated by almost everyone so it's very easy to incorporate and will not overpower your other oils.  Grapefruit Pink oil is a great choice for those therapeutice blends designed to detox the tissues, as well as for oily skin care product lines, and hair care, where it offers an uplifting scent and a deeper cleansing activity in shampoos.

Grapefruit Pink, like all citrus oils, is pressed from the peel.  All Ingredients To Die For pressed oils are guaranteed, by the manufacturer, to be non-sprayed, to avoid contaminants, because anything that is on the peel remains as a part of the oil. 

Therapeutic Use ::  Grapefruit Pink is well known for its ability to detox fluid build up, where it 'pushes' the fluids out of the tissues.  A must have in any of your cellulite, and fluid retention.  Also a great choice for congested, oily, skin where it will help to balance, and cleanse, the skin without causing a rebound effect, in the skin, causing it to over react and create more oil.

Fragrance Impact ::  The fragrance of Grapefruit Pink is fresh and tart, with smooth citrus notes, that will give your products a bright, uplifting, influence.



Botanical: Citrus paradisii
Part: Peel
Origin: Brazil
Extraction: Cold Pressed
Class: Monoterpene
Note: Top / Middle Bridge
Appearance Amber to Brown Non-Viscous Liquid
Odor Characteristic Tart / Slightly Sweet / Citrus


Skin Care:  0.1 - 0.5%
Body / Hair Care:  0.5 - 1.0%
Spot Treatment:  Up to 4.0%


  • Top Note
  • Tart Citrus
  • Combines Well with Citrus, Especially the Sweet Citrus Oils, Green Floral Notes, Herbals, Woods



Like all citrus oils, pressed from the peel, there is some potential for hyper sensitivity to the suns rays.  It is not recommended for use just before exposure.

Citrus pressed oils are also highly oxidative and when oxidized they are known to irritate the skin.  Use care, and in combination with a diluent when using directly in the bath.  When formulating with any of the, pressed, citrus peel oils it is advisable to incorporate high, monterpene alcohol essential oils, and / or anti-oxidants to "quench" the oxidation in order to limit or prevent the irritation.

INCI: Citrus paradisii (Grapefruit) Peel Oil

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