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Chamomile Cape Essential Oil (Cape Chamomile)

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Chamomile Cape Essential Oil is steam distilled from the flowers of wild crafted Eriocephalus punctulatus. It is very similar, in both fragrance and therapeutic activity, to Chamomile Roman, with the same subtle apple like undertone but, the Chamomile Cape is a little more sharp, and a little sweeter, with a calming activity that is slightly stronger due to a, slightly, higher content of esters.

Chamomile Cape Essential Oil, like Chamomile Roman Essential Oil, is well know for its calming activity, due to its 75 to 80% esters, making it one of the most powerfully calming oils available. Some say that it is hard to work with, straight, as it makes them sleepy. In Aromatherapy this is the oil of choice for anxiety, and headache, treatment. Also one of the best choices for sleep aids. Think of Chamomile Cape Essential Oil as Lavender Essential Oil on steroids, it's that powerful.

Chamomile Cape Essential Oil blends well with almost any other flower oils and with all of the citrus oils. Try it at just a drop, or two, to about 10 mls of any blend and it will bring out the apple note, contributing a, fresh, clean scent.

The fragrance of Chamomile Cape Essential Oil is very powerful, with sweet, floral notes. When added to products it will give them a powerful calming activity. You can bring out the apple notes by using it highly diluted. Chamomile Cape Essential Oil is one of the cleanest scents in Aromatherapy.


Botanical: Eriocephalus punctulatus (Chamomile Cape) Flower Oil
Part: Flower
Origin: US
Extraction: Steam Distilled
Class: Ester
Note: Base / Middle Bridge Note
Appearance: Light Blue Non-Viscous Liquid
Odor: Characteristic Sweet / Floral


Skin Care: all skin types
Psychological: relaxing, relieves stress and tension, quite's the mind
Physiological: powerful anti-anxiety, anti-spasmodic, sedating, soothes headache


Sweet, floral note with fruity (apple) undertones
Blends well with all other citrus, floral and earthy notes, especially the rosy notes
Adds a clean scent to any blend when used at trace (1 drop to 100)


INCI: Eriocephalus punctulatus (Chamomile Cape) Flower Oil

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