Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Private Label and Contract Manufacturing information
  • What type of payments do you accept?

We accept the following payment types: Visa, Master Card, Discover, Wire Transfer
All orders with a total over $7,500.00 must be paid by wire transfer *. 
All new customer orders with a total over $2,000.00 must be paid by wire transfer *.

* To pay by wire transfer you will still submit your order online through the website, as usual.  You can then send us an email with "wire transfer" and the order number in the subject line and our office will contact you with wire transfer details.  Once you have the wire transfer confirmation you can send that to us via email response and once payment is confirmed your order will be shipped.  Payment by wire transfer may only be used in these situations.  Any orders placed with wire transfer as a payment method that do not meet these conditions will be cancelled and are subject to our cancellation policies.

Our website uses the latest technology to keep your information secure. We use 128-bit encryption to protect your credit card from other people on the internet. If you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer, you will notice a lock icon on the lower right of the window when you get to the credit card page, if you double click on that you can see the information about the security that we are using to protect your information from other people.

If you are still concerned you may give us a call to give us your credit card by phone.

1. All orders must be paid in advance of shipping.
2. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card. For International customers the total will be processed in American Dollars, your credit card will reflect American currency.
3. If there is a discrepancy with what the website charged you for your order, shipping or product, you will be notified via the email address associated with your order and we will charge any shortage to the original method of payment. 

If you have a valid Texas Re-Sale Certificate you may place orders, through the Ingredients To Die for website, and not pay Texas sales tax.  In order for us to tie your tax payer ID with you, as a customer, you will need to have an account.  Once you have registered to create an account send us your Tax Payer Id number.  If the state lists your status as 'Active' then we will mark your account with that number and the website will no longer collect the taxes on your orders.  If you do not wish to create an account you do not have to and in such cases the website will continue to charge the sales tax and you may just record those paid taxes for reconciliation when you pay your taxes.  Please note that all taxes collected / paid / exempted are done so in compliance with state tax regulations / laws and your company / organization is responsible for the accurate reporting / payment of any and all taxes owed.

  • How do I know you won't sell my E-mail address to some spammer?

We guarantee you that we will never give out your e-mail address to anyone. We will only use it to send you news letters or promotions if you care for them. You can always remove yourself from the mailing list at any time.

  • How fast do you ship?

All payment forms are processed electronically and domestic generated orders usually ship the second day if the order is received by 6am central time.  During holiday peak times the cut off may be earlier.  These are estimates only and if you need a guarantee of when your order will ship, please contact us, as these times are not guaranteed but, we are happy to help you whenever possible. 

International orders are subject to a 10 day processing delay because the payment is made using the currency conversion in place at the time of order placement.  If the currency conversion rate changes from that time to the time that the payment is finalized by our merchant provider and it results in a short payment then our merchant provider will reverse the payment to us because they can not just continue to try to run that charge as the financial institutions do not allow it which is to protect the card holder.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause and urge our international customers to plan their orders carefully to allow for this delay.  Once an order history is established, we may over ride the processing delay.  The waiver is evaluated on a case by case basis and is not guaranteed.  The international delay waiver will be removed in the event of a failed payment that does not get paid immediately upon request regardless of the reason for the delay in securing a payment.  In the case of any international order the purchaser grants us permission, by agreeing to our terms and conditions at check out, to submit a new charge for any part of the original payment that does not get paid or gets reversed for any reason. 

As a wholesale company we offer rock bottom pricing and we can not absorb the loss if we don't get paid for international orders where we have no means to collect on the debt because it is from outside of the country.  We do not want to increase our prices and pass those losses on to our other customers so we have implemented the delay to avoid that.  This is the only way that we can make sure that everyone pays for only what they should pay for and not for our running our business inefficiently and their having to pay for another customer's order because we didn't get paid and then couldn't collect.  

Orders to Russia will experience an even longer delay due to that country's regulations.  USPS does not allow us to process these labels electronically so they have to be taken to the post office to get labelled and shipped.   

When shipping essential oils there are regulations that we must follow.  If the essential oils that you have ordered can not ship by air we will downgrade the shipping to ground to remain compliant with the regulations.  If your order can not ship by ground then we will refund that / those essential oils.

With every order the website offers an automated shipping estimation of the expected turn around time for your order to ship. We are now offering expedited processing for our customers who have an urgent need for their order. With expedited processing we will ship the order sooner than is estimated. This is not always possible, depending on the number of orders in the system and the order itself, however, we will do our absolute best. Expedited processing will not have any impact on out of stock bases as those bases will still have to be produced based on the regular schedule.  This is because at Ingredients To Die For our fulfillment department fills orders based entirely on a master packing slip that is generated by the website for that day's orders.  Nothing is pre-packaged and sitting on a shelf ready to pull.  Every item is packed fresh every day with the exception of bulk items that are ordered in the size as it is packed by the manufacturer. 

If we fail to get your order out the door prior to the estimated ship date, given when the order was placed, then the cost of the expedited processing will be refunded to the original method of payment. 

Video TutorialCheck out our video on how to add expedite processing to your order.


  • Do you have a minimum order?

No, there is a no minimum dollar amount to place an order.  We recognize there are many different size businesses out there and we don't want to leave any of them out.

  • What are your shipping and handling charges?

You will never pay for inflated shipping and handling here. You will always pay for just the cost of shipping and handling and no more.  We recognize that, as a consumer, you work hard for you money and why should you pay for more on shipping and handling than you need to.  Our boxes are tightly packed and will have only the amount of protection necessary to protect the product.  You'll never receive a package from us that contains one 4oz plastic bottle, with 3 lbs. of bubble wrap, packed into a box 5 times the size of the product.  We ship in plastic* precisely because it is not fragile.  Our shipping department is well trained to respect the impact of shipping on your purchasing budget, as well as its environmental impact, and is never wasteful or thoughtless.  We take great care to not overdue it and cost you or the planet more than is necessary.  By that same rationale you should never expect any shipping discounts from Ingredients To Die For.  To do that means passing those discounts on to all other customers through inflated prices and we will never do that to our customers.  Every customer will only pay for their own shipping.

Please take extra care to make sure that you enter your shipping information correctly.  You will have a minimum of two opportunities to confirm that all of the information that you entered is correct before you finalize your order.  You will also receive an automatic email confirmation, of your order, at the email address that was used when you placed your order.  The website is fully automated and the shipping information that you enter when you place your order is automatically pulled in by the shipping software.  If the carrier's website detects a problem with your shipping address then our shipping department will not be able to create the label and we will contact your for any necessary correction otherwise, we will ship your order to the address as you enter it when you place your order.  If you need to make a change to your shipping information you will need to send us an email with any changes and we will follow up with you to confirm that you own the order or are authorized to make any changes to the shipping information. Please be prepared to verify specific details so that we can confirm that you are the person who placed the order or that you have authority to change the order.  If you can not provide satisfactory information then we will not be able to make any changes to the order's shipping information and you will need to make arrangements to get your package after it is delivered per the instructions set when the order was placed.  There are no exceptions to this policy. 

If you enter incorrect shipping information, when you place your order, the package will ship to the address supplied and the carrier may, or may not, be able to deliver it.  If it can not be delivered the carrier will charge the return shipping charges to Ingredients To Die For and return the package.  We will contact you about the failed delivery.  If it is confirmed that you entered incorrect shipping information you will need to pay to re-ship your package to the correct address and you will be required to pay the return shipping charges that resulted from the package being shipped to the incorrect address supplied at the time of the order.  If the package is left at the incorrect address, and you contact us to make us aware of the mistake, we will have the carrier attempt to pick the package up, at the incorrect address.  We will do our best, and require that the carrier does their best, to get your package from the receiver and back on its way to you.  You will be required to pay any additional shipping charges. 

Ingredients To Die For utilizes a fully automated website and shipping software.  We are a wholesale company with a very minimal mark up.  That mark up is based on our anticipated costs of doing business.  We do not include having to make changes to a processed order to be a regular part of doing business so we do not have any markup included in our prices to cover the additional labor involved when our staff are required to edit and follow through on order changes.  In order to maintain our low prices and in keeping with our philosophy that every customer only pays for their own needs which includes correcting order errors, there will be a administration fee of $2.50 which will be charged to the original method of payment, prior to processing, if our office has to make changes to a shipping record.   Please confirm your registration, billing, and shipping details carefully.  If we are required to perform address investigation to correct a address mistake that was entered with any order there will be a $2.50 administrative fee.  This fee will be charged to the original method of payment prior to shipping.  By placing your order you acknowledge and accept the $2.50 administration fee and give us permission to charge the $2.50 administration fee to the original method of payment.  Please keep in mind that our taking on the responsibility to make address corrections results in a savings to our customer of at least $9.50.  If we were to ship the package with an incorrect address and it was corrected by the carrier their fee would be $11.00 and that is only in the case that they correct and deliver the package.  If they were unable to, for whatever reason, then they would return the package to us undeliverable and they would charge return shipping.  Then our customer would pay the original shipping cost, the new shipping cost to return the package, as well as the new shipping to send it out again.  If it were returned undeliverable that would also add several days to a couple weeks of shipping and processing time.  In all things that we do at Ingredients To Die For we have our customer's best interest in mind.

When an order that is set up to ship by freight is cancelled after it has been processed the shipping charges will not be refunded as those charges are to cover the additional labor and supplies involved in the special handling to make the order ready for freight pickup.

 *Essential Oils are shipped in amber glass bottles except when the combined total of the same essential oil is in excess of 64 fluid ounces.  When in excess of 64 fluid ounces the combined essential oil will be bottled in HDPE instead of glass.  Please let us know via email when you have placed an order and do not want your essential oils packed in the HDPE.  While this does add weight to your orders we believe that it is a worthwhile cost as it will protect the quality, extend the shelf life, and provide assurance that they will perform as expected.  Our shipping department is highly trained and will still pack your orders with as little waste as possible.  Most essential oil bottles will be protected using cardboard. bubble wrap, or a combination of the two.  Whenever your orders include powdered ingredients we will use those ingredients to protect the glass bottles rather than using additional shipping materials.  You can count on Ingredients To Die For to minimize the cost, waste, and damage, related to shipping even with our Essential Oils.

We offer FedEx and / or UPS as well as USPS carrier service for all domestic and FedEx and USPS for international orders.  You may select standard ground service or expedited service by air.  You may set up your business or your residential address for your deliveries.  For residential deliveries with a value at or above $200. FedEx ground shipments will require a signature for delivery.  For business deliveries FedEx will require a signature regardless of the value.  If your address is in a residential zoned area then you must designate 'residential' for your address.  UPS and FedEx do have a surcharge for residential deliveries but this  designation protects you from having your package just dropped without a signature which can lead to lost packages.  Neither UPS nor FedEX guarantees to pay on a claim of non delivery when they drop the package at the door of a residence, which is why we require a signature for orders over $200.00.  If your order value is over $200.00 and you bypass our security measures by selecting 'business' designation when your address is a residence then you will bear the responsibility for any package that is delivered and dropped off without a signature.  We will still file a claim and advocate with UPS or FedEx on your behalf but the outcome is not certain.  It is best to respect our security measures and place your order with the correct address designation to avoid possible lost packages and claim denials.  You can save some shipping cost by selecting USPS as your shipping carrier however, there are some things that you should know about what will happen in the case of a lost or damaged package.  When you choose to ship USPS please do so knowing that you will be bound by their policies, and ours, regarding all aspects of your package.  USPS does not offer the flexibility of FedEx or UPS with regard to lost, delayed, or damaged packages.  USPS will allow a direct claim from, and will make direct payment to, the receiver.  For that reason we can not issue any form of credit or re-shipment until we have the outcome of any claim.  USPS does not allow a trace or claim, on a package that is reported as missing or not delivered, until after 30 days from the date of shipment.  For that reason we can not issue any form of credit or re-shipment until after that 30 days has passed and we have filed a claim and / or trace and received payment on the claim.  Please understand that because of the way that USPS operates we can not make any exceptions to this policy.  If we were to send out a replacement before a claim is finalized by USPS and then they find the missing package they will forward it to the original shipping address and then we will have lost the value of the replacement if we could not collect a second payment for that replacement.  If we were to refund a lost order before a claim is finalized by USPS and they fail to find the package then they will pay the claim.  If the receiver had filed a claim directly with USPS then USPS would pay the claim to the receiver and we will have lost the value of the refund if we could not collect that refund or the paid claim back from the receiver.  We understand that no customer wants to pay for their order twice.  Please understand that we can not ship an order twice, or ship and refund an order. 


FedEx only allows a residential delivery of up to 70 pounds per package and a business delivery of up to 130 pounds per package.  For business deliveries of packages in excess of 130 pounds you must select freight carrier.  When you elect to ship via freight it is important to know the policies regarding damage and loss prior to receiving your order delivery.  In every case:  pictures must be taken to show damage*1, the driver must log any reported damage or lost items, the driver must give you an exception number for the reported damage or loss, with lost items the driver must count total items on the pallet and note that number with the exception, the driver must confirm delivery weight, you must save all items for possible inspection by the freight carrier otherwise claims will be denied.  You will then send us an email with all pictures attached and a clear explanation of any issues so that we can file a claim on your behalf if we set up the pick up and delivery.  If you set up the pick up and delivery then you will file your claim directly with your chosen carrier.  For loss or damaged items you will need to place a new order if you need those items replaced prior to claim settlement.  Once the claim is settled you will be reimbursed. 

FedEx does not allow essential oils to ship by air due to hazardous material restrictions related to flash point.  the website will not allow a shipping method by air when the order contains essential oils.  In any event where the website does not prohibit an air selection our shipping department will change the shipping to ground.

Ingredients To Die For does not have any control over what our customer may choose from the shipping options available through the website checkout page.  If you place an order that could ship through a standard carrier but you select Freight then we will set that order up for you to arrange the pickup just as you would freight.  Our cost of materials does not assume mistakes in shipping selection as a part of the regular cost of doing business and therefore only the customer that makes the mistake will pay for the additional handling of correcting a shipping method mistake.  All orders with shipping mistakes will incur regular processing fees: including admin, cancellation, and restocking fees.  When an order that is set up to ship by freight is cancelled after it has been processed the shipping charges will not be refunded as those charges are to cover the additional labor and supplies involved in the special handling to make the order ready for freight pickup.


If you have placed your order and find that you need to change the shipping address, please call us as soon as possible. 

If your package has already shipped and the carrier has to change the deliver address, of a package already in their system, there is a fee.  Your original method of payment will be charged a $15.00 address correction fee.  This fee will be paid whether they are able to catch the package, and update the address, or not.  The fee is compensation for the follow through work that they must do in order to try to change the address, of a package already in their system.  This is not our policy and is beyond our control.  Sometimes we are able to get the carrier to override the fee when the change does not get handled in time.  If that is the case then we will refund the fee.

If it has not shipped then we will make every attempt to change the shipping address.  Our system is fully automated so we can not  guarantee that your order will ship to the updated address.  We will not reimburse any shipping charges for mis-delivered packages, due to an address change so, please be prepared to make the arrangements, necessary, to get your package from your original shipping address to your updated address. 

The only way to guarantee that your package is delivered to the address, that you prefer, is for you to make sure that you place your order with the correct shipping information when you place your order.

Ingredients To Die For will not be responsible for any charges related to an order that requires a shipping address change, nor for a package delivered to the original shipping address, supplied at that time of the order.

Ingredients To Die For utilizes a fully automated website and shipping software.  We are a wholesale company with a very minimal mark up.  That mark up is based on our anticipated costs of doing business.  We do not include having to make changes to a processed order to be a regular part of doing business so we do not have any markup included in our prices to cover the additional labor involved when our staff are required to edit and follow through on order changes.  In order to maintain our low prices and in keeping with our philosophy that every customer only pays for their own needs which includes correcting order errors, there will be a administration fee of $2.50 which will be charged to the original method of payment, prior to processing, if our office has to make changes to a shipping record. 

When you send us an email to change the shipping address of an existing order please be sure to update your profile with the new ship to address.  For security measures your profile must already have the new ship to address for us to use.  If you do not have the new shipping address in your existing profile we will not be able to make the change as that is the only way that we can know that it is the owner of the order making the change.


Yes, you may include information such as, leaving the package at the office, leave if no answer, attn:.  The shipping record does have two lines for the physical address, so that you can include special handling.  You may also put the suite or unit number on the first address line in order to save that extra line for special handling.  You can also put the company name on the same line with your name to use that line for special instructions.  Any special handling will need to be included in your shipping record.  The information that you include in your shipping record when you check out is the only information that will go on the shipping label.  In order to assure the accurate processing of shipping labels, this is an automated process.  There is no guarantee that any carrier will follow any special handling instructions as they are only required to make deliveries to the address.  You can contact the carrier, directly, once you have tracking information and make any arrangements necessary.

When you fill out your shipping record or are at the checkout page when you click on the "STATE" tab one of the available selections is  "OUTSIDE THE US".  That is what you will select if your state is not available in the list.
Check out our video tutorial for more information about international checkout:  International Orders


Absolutely.  You are welcome to ship your order to anyone that you'd like.  Please keep in mind however, that we do not accept responsibility beyond delivering to the address that you enter when you place your order.  The carrier's and our responsibility is considered fulfilled as soon as the package is delivered to the address that you entered when you placed your order.  Any issues that you may have will have to be taken up with the third party as we can not account for what they may do, or what may happen, to your order once they have received it.  Please direct all inquiries, regarding your items, to the third party that you chose to ship to.   It's important that you exercise care and due diligence when selecting a third party receiver to make sure that they accept responsibility for your package once they receive it. 

We run a triple confirmation to ensure that every order is correct and complete when it leaves our warehouse so you may rest assured that your order will ship, to the third party, complete.  If there is any damage they will need to have the carrier indicate that damage when they deliver the package.

Can I ship my order by freight carrier?

Ingredients To Die For will no longer offer generated freight shipments due to the lack of reliable insurance offered by the freight industry.  If you elect to ship your order via freight carrier then you will select Freight Local Pickup and you will make your own freight arrangements and you will carry the sole responsibility for loss and / or damage.  It's important to understand the freight carrier's insurance and in almost all cases you may want to purchase stand alone insurance to avoid heavy loss in the case of loss or damage.  The general practice of freight carriers is to only insure based on total weight and value so, if everything that you're shipping has the same dollar value per square foot then you're fine however, if you ship a variety of items, some that are worth $1.00 per pound and others that are worth $1,000.00 per pound then you will lose a considerable amount of money if the $1,000.00 per pound product is lost or damaged as they will only pay the average of total weight and dollar value. 

When an order that is set up to ship by freight is cancelled after it has been processed the shipping charges will not be refunded as those charges are to cover the additional labor and supplies involved in the special handling to make the order ready for freight pickup.


You will receive, automatic, email confirmation as soon as your order has shipped.  That email will contain your Electronic Packing Slip and your tracking information, including a link to carrier tracking. 

You can also get up to the minute tracking information through the website.  Just log in to your account and click on the "Order Status" link at the top left of the page and then click on the order in question to see the tracking number and a link to the carrier.  This order history will also include the status of any current orders so if you selected expedited processing you can confirm that status from your order history. The website will maintain all order records ever placed under your account.

  • Can I buy larger quantities, than what the website offers?

Yes, we will sell in larger quantities than what is shown on the website, please contact us for pricing.

Can I purchase your cosmetic bases in bulk sizes for my individual use?

The purchase of Ingredients To Die For bulk bases is strictly controlled.  You must provide a verifiable company name in order to purchase any bulk base.  Bulk base is defined as one gallon or more for liquids and five pounds or more for dry products.  One of the names on every order for any bulk base must match the list of officers for the company name.  Any orders for any bulk base which can not be verified will be cancelled and refunded in accordance with our cancellation policy.


  • I live in Singapore, the UK, Japan or some other country. Do you ship internationally?

Currently, we ship to several different countries. If your country is not on the list of available countries during the check out process please contact us and we can determine if it is possible to ship to that country. All International shipping is provided by United States Postal Service or FedEx.

International orders will see a delay in their order due to the processing times.  This may take up to 10 business days. Orders shipping within Russia or Ukraine will experience even longer delays due to USPS's inability to process orders online.  These orders have to be manually brought to the post office to process them for shipping.

When checking out please select "Outside the US" for the state in your billing, contact and/or shipping information.

Ingredients To Die For does not supply Nafta certification because the requirements dictate that paperwork must be stored for ten+ years and we are not set up for that.

  • What is your return policy?

We believe in customer service and stand behind our products.  We want your use of Ingredients To Die For products to be the best possible experience you have had in a long time.  If you order something by mistake, and don't break our special imprinted seal, just give us a call for a RMA* number and we will gladly allow you to return it**, subject to the current return policy, so long as it is returned in the condition that it was shipped, with no evidence of tampering, which would include any puncture no matter how small to our inner seal.  For quality and sanitation reasons, we do not accept returns:  of anything that has been opened; is not packaged with our tamper evident seal, such as dry materials; or of any packaging.  We absolutely must be able to guarantee the quality and sanitation of our products to our other customers, and such returns would compromise that guarantee.  If we were to allow such a return then the return would have to be discarded and the loss would drive our prices up.  We don't believe that all customers should have to pay for any one customers mistake.  We also invest significantly in customer service through the availability of information for every item in our product catalog, to help our customers understand everything about every item and how it is used to help avoid those costly purchasing mistakes.  Every item, or category page, will contain specifications for the item as well as usage guidelines and any tips learned through our testing.  Just as your company needs to avoid costly mistakes, Ingredients To Die For must avoid these costly mistakes in order to protect the interest of our other customers and maintain stable prices.

If any item being returned or cancelled has been processed for shipping or has been shipped and returned there will be a 25% restocking *** fee deducted from any refund or exchange.  This is to cover the cost of initial processing as well as the time involved in processing of the return.

*Receiving at Ingredients To Die For is strictly controlled because we must maintain contamination control within our facilities.  Ingredients To Die For does not accept packages that are not expected including unauthorized returns.  If any package is received without a registered RMA number it will be refused if caught at the time of delivery or discarded if it is not caught at the time of delivery.  Ingredients To Die For accepts no responsibility for packages sent or received without a registered RMA number.  All packages being returned must have the RMA number printed clearly on the outside of the package.  All packages being returned must be insured by the shipper, for the full value of the package, to protect against any loss or damage in transit.  Ingredients To Die For accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to any item being returned for any reason whether authorized or not.

**Custom and Special Orders are made especially for you, with a standard 2 week lead time.  These products can not be sold to anyone else and are not returnable for any reason, other than manufacturing defect.  If we have made an error we will gladly correct it but, we can not allow a mistaken order to be returned at the cost of our other customers.

***At Ingredients To Die For we have a strong commitment to efficacy and part of the way we guarantee that efficacy is through our commitment to fresh materials and products.  To maintain freshness, nothing is ever pre-packed and ready to ship or pick up.  We work off a master packing slip every day and every item on every order is filled as the order is processed. 

Ingredients To Die For operates with a strict Quality Control policy and all materials are confirmed to be within specifications when they are received.  We do not accept or sell materials that are outside of the posted specifications.  We do not have control over how any materials are handled or stored once they are received by our customer.  All Ingredients To Die For bottles and jars are induction sealed to prevent leaks in transit.  Sanitize your gloves, the cutting tool, and the top of the seal prior to tampering with the seal for removal.  Remove all traces of the paper seal prior to using the product.  Every cap is equipped with a paper liner, a foil seal, and a foam seal.  You will remove the foil seal and the paper seal and you will keep the foam seal in your cap so that your container will still have an adequate seal during use.  If you do not have an induction machine to remove the seal entirely then it is crucial that you transfer the entire contents to another container prior to use.  It is not sufficient to attempt to remove the paper seal with a razor or any similar tool because that may result in micro scratches in the surface of the plastic which can create a perfect breeding ground for microbial infestation.  Failure to follow these instructions will result in constant contamination of the paper which will jeopardize the preservative and drastically shorten the shelf life of the product.  If the specifications are questioned we will attempt to identify and correct any storage or usage issues by phone.  Your cooperation is required as we can not make any determination without additional information and we are not responsible for our customer's or any third party receiver's improper handling, storage, processing or any other misuse of any materials.  If cooperation is refused then the return will not be allowed at the expense of Ingredients To Die For.  As determined, on a case by case basis, we may allow the material to be returned to us so that we may confirm compliance to specifications.  If a manufacturer defect is present then we will reimburse normal shipping expenses incurred in returning the material and we will allow the return and refund or replace the material immediately and we will then pursue recovery from the manufacturer.  To be received the package must have a preassigned RMA number and the material must be:  in the original container;  have a legible control number;  the control number must be the control number issued and printed by our system when the container was filled;  the material must be the correct material;  the material must be unaltered and in original condition to include not having been altered by misuse, improper handling, storage, or the addition of other ingredients.  Any returns that are not compliant with the terms and conditions listed above will be refused.  Any attempts to defraud Ingredients To Die For through false claims of a manufacturer's defect when a material has been altered, partially altered,  substituted, or partially substituted, will be prosecuted to the full extent of and as is allowed by law.  

In all cases the customer must make sure that a return is properly shipped and insured to avoid any loss due to loss or damage.

  • Can I cancel my order?

Your order can be cancelled at anytime, subject to our cancellation policy. You will need to contact us right away. Please don't rely on an email to cancel an order, please call us if you wish to cancel an order.  Any order cancelled, for any reason, will be assessed a $5.00 cancellation fee or a 25% re-stocking fee, so you will receive a refund of the total charge minus the $5.00 fee or the 25% re-stocking fee..

As an Ingredients To Die For customer, shopping on our website, you are on your honor when selecting your shipping method.  If you don't work here you can not select "Office Use Only" as your shipping method.  If you are not able to pick up your order at our Austin, Tx warehouse you can not select "Local Pickup" as your shipping method.  If your delivery address is not located in Austin TX you can not select "Local Courier" as your shipping method.  If you do not have an account with UPS or FedEx you can not select "Customer Account" as your shipping method.  If you select one of the above shipping methods it will be discovered by the order administrator and we will contact you for shipping charges.  This creates unnecessary work however, if you pay the shipping we have no problem.  If you refuse to pay the shipping charges and cancel your order, and all of this happens within 24 hours of your order being placed, then it will not be subject to the restocking fee but will be subject to a $5.00 cancellation fee to pay for the wasted labor and time time involved in our attempts to collect the shipping charges.  If we didn't do this we would take that loss and it would force us to increase our prices and we don't believe that all customers should have to pay for any one customer's mistake.  It's only fair, if you make a purchase from us and you can not pick it up at our warehouse, you will need to pay to ship it just like any other customer.

Private Label/Contract Manufacturing orders cancelled after 24 hours of placing the order will be subject to a 50% restocking fee since it is a product custom made just for you company and usually can't be resold to anyone else.

*All Ingredients To Die For orders must be cancelled within 24 hours as orders are sometimes posted within that time frame.  We do realize that this seems like a small window and we do apologize for the inconvenience however, we can not absorb the loss of a customer's order mistake and we can't pass that cost on to our other customers.  All that is required to avoid having to cancel an order is a careful review of the order before it is finalized.  At Ingredients To Die For we work off a master packing list every day so unlike most suppliers there is never product on a shelf that is just pulled to fill an order.  Every item is fresh filled every day to ensure the freshest possible product and this also helps us to avoid order filling mistakes because every day when our fulfillment department is finished with that days shipments there won't be any product left in the packing area.  Any orders that is cancelled after it has posted for processing will be subject to a 25% restocking fee, at the sole discretion of Ingredients To Die For.

  • Can I change my order?

    In all cases we will do our best to not have to cancel an order.  Because we are very automated and we operate to fill orders very quickly we may not always be able to avoid a cancellation.  In all cases when an order is cancelled after 24 hours, of placing the order, there will be a $5.00 cancellation fee or a 25% re-stocking fee deducted from any refund or credit.

    Once an order is in the system we are not able to modify it.  The Ingredients To Die For website operates in real time so, as soon as the order is confirmed, at check out, it is charged and invoiced and can not be modified in any way.  Any changes to an order, including a cancellation because you don't want one of the items, need to be made within 24 hours.  At Ingredients To Die For we do not pre-pack any of our products.  To preserve optimum freshness, all products are packed daily using a master packing slip.  If your order has already been packed then any cancellation will result in a 25% restocking fee because the work will have already been done.  If you just need to exchange one item for another then we are happy to help you do that.  You will need to send us an email, being prepared to provide information to confirm that you own the order.  We will issue store credit for the item that you do not want and then you can go onto the website and place a new order, for the item that you do want, and apply the store credit.  To eliminate excess shipping charges you can place your new order as an add on order so that it combines with your original order for shipping purposes.  In any other case we will have to cancel your order if you no longer want those items.  Any  cancellation will be subject to to the terms of our cancellation policy.   If you cancel any item(s) from your order we will issue store credit for the full value of the cancelled item(s).  If you require a refund then your refund will be subject to the administration fee of $2.50 to cover the additional labor and fees involved in generating a refund.  Our Customer Service can cancel an item and issue store credit however, they can not issue a refund.  Only our accounting can issue a refund and they can not issue a direct refund to your credit card, they must involve your, and our, credit card processor.  This is just the way the system works and is beyond our control.

As a wholesale company we operate with a rock bottom pricing structure.  We consider normal operating expenses when we price our products and we take our responsibility to maintain those low prices very seriously.  We will not ask all of our customers to pay for any other customers mistake.  At all times all of our customers are only paying for the reasonable cost of doing business.  Covering someone's order mistake is not considered to be a part of "reasonable operating expenses" and we will not ask them to pay for those mistakes.  When an order is placed there are multiple opportunities to confirm the accuracy.  If you place your order and then need to change the order then you have made a mistake with your order and only you should pay any of the costs to correct, change, or cancel the order.  At Ingredients to Die For we are committed to maintaining low prices and remaining a reliable source for top quality ingredients shipped in a timely manner.  All policies are set to ensure our continued success so that we can help assure our customers continued success.

  • Can I change the address that my order is being shipped to after it has been labeled and picked up?

    Possibly, depending on where the package is when you alert us to make the change in shipping address.  All address changes to a package that is already in transit will incur additional charges.  The carrier will charge a fee to make the change and we will charge our current admin fee.  In all cases you must add the new address to your profile so that we can ensure that we protect the interest of the owner of the order.  If you did not register then you will need to register before any change may be made.  We are not able to edit the ship to address field after the package has been labeled.  The address change will be added to the order notes.  For international orders you will need to contact the carrier and request the address change so that we can make sure that the address change is correct.  They will enter your address correction and then you need to let us know that it's been done so that we can call them to confirm the new address, which we will confirm only from your profile.  If we can not confirm the new address from your profile we can not allow the address change.  We will then call them and approve the address change.  The carrier will need to re calculate the shipping charges to the new address.  Your package will be held until we get the new shipping rate so that we can get your approval for the additional charges.  We will then set up the item for you to pay for the additional shipping charges through the website.  Once you have placed your order to pay the additional charges we will have the carrier proceed to ship your package.


If you have previously agreed to our "Terms and Conditions" you will be able to place an order by phone or by email.  In the case of an email we will not place an order until it has been confirmed through a second email.

Because we are a wholesale company and need to control our prices aggressively we operate with a very small profit margin.  Our prices do not include the cost of special handling or administration time so there will be a $5.00 charge for all phone and email orders.

Once an order is in the system we are not able to modify it.  The Ingredients To Die For website operates in real time so, as soon as the order is confirmed, at check out, it is processed.  However, at Ingredients To Die For our shipping department operates with a top priority to save shipping costs whenever possible so we are happy to allow you to combine orders.  You are welcome to place a separate order for the item that you need with as little additional shipping as possible.  To do that just log in to your account and place an order for the item, or items, that were missed, and select Add To Existing Order from the shipping options.  This will prevent additional shipping costs and our website will combine the two orders for shipping.  You can, usually add 5, to 8, pounds before the carrier's shipping charge changes, depending on the items.  Any shortage will be charged to the original method of payment, prior to the order shipping.  The Ingredients To Die For website offers several opportunities for you to review and modify your order prior to confirming, and finalizing, the order.  It is assumed that all orders will be carefully reviewed prior to finalizing.  Based on that assumption, of order review prior to confirmation, our prices do not include overhead for modifying and changing orders.  To avoid price increases that would impact all customers, rather than just those that submit orders that require changes, orders that require modification / changes will incur a $2.50 administration fee.  This fee will be added to the cost of an item added or exchanged or will be deducted from any refund or store credit created for cancelled items.

  • What does "Small Order Parcel" mean for shipping option?

    Small Order Parcel is a less expensive way to ship small orders, as well as being the only option to ship to a PO/APO box.  This service usually takes around 8 business days to delivery.  This service starts off with UPS and they deliver to nearby USPS and they make the final delivery.  It's important to keep in mind that this is not a good choice for large orders, or any orders with a value over $100.00 as that is the insurance limit so, your order will only be covered to that amount, the difference will be at your loss if your package is damaged or lost.
  • What does "Local Pickup" for shipping method mean?

If you live in or around the Austin Texas area you can select "Local Area Pickup" and pick up your order * at our local warehouse. Once the order is processed you will receive an email notice that  your order is ready for pickup.  If you show up before that time you will have to wait for your order to be pulled from the warehouse or you may need to come back if it is not possible for our shipping department to stop what they're doing to pull your order.  This service is no longer free due to the city ordinace requiring us to pack your order in boxes.  The website will charge a nominal fee to cover the cost of boxes and packing materials.  There is no exception to the pick up fee.  We process many local pick up orders and we can not just leave loose items in our pick up area for you to come in with your own bag.  We are an internet company and only offer local pick up as a courtesy to our local customers so that they may save the cost of shipping through a carrier as well as to minimize transit time.  It is not out intention to dedicate extensive labor to managing local pick up orders.  We process local pick up orders just like any other order, and with the same care, except that they are packed in bags or boxes rather than shipped through a carrier.  The reduction in work is minimal.

Pickup times are 10 - 2 Monday - Thursday.  No pickups on Friday.

You may also select this option if you have placed an order and then realize that you neglected to order something else that you needed.  Simply go back on line and place another order for the item that you missed, select the "Local Pickup" option for shipping and tell us in the order note to combine it with your other order, in the system.  Our shipping department will combine the new order with the previous order to avoid additional shipping charges.  Most of the time we can add up to 5lbs. with no additional shipping charges.  If there is a shortage to cover the actual shipping cost we will charge the difference to your original form of payment.  Please keep in mind that we do ship fast so, if it's more that a day the other order may already be shipped.  Try to place your order before the next business day and check your order status to make sure that it has not already shipped.  If you placed your first order in the evening you may want to give us a call, or send us an email, to let us know that you have an additional order to combine.  All orders are posted, automatically, for shipping, at 6A so, if your initial order is placed in the evening, it will post the following morning for that days shipping.  If you then place an order that morning, it wouldn't get posted until 6A the next morning and your initial order will have already been shipped, costing you extra shipping for your add-on order.  If you let us know we can, manually, post the add-on and send it, directly, to the warehouse to process along with the initial order. 

We are offering this extra service to our customers to lessen the cost of shipping their ingredients.  You are on your honor.  Please do not place an order and select "Local Area Pickup" if you do not have an order in the system because it will not be processed without payment for shipping.  This option is for our local customers to pick up at our facility, and for our customers who have placed an order and realized that they missed a couple of small items.

*Bulk items, such as full drums, must be picked up with appropriate vehicles, equipment, and staff.  We will not release a drum to anyone in a regular car or pick up truck.  These drums are in excess of 300lb and the potential for personal injury and / or product damage is significant.  These items must be picked up in a safe, controlled manner, and they must be transported safely as well.   

Add-On Order shipping is for your use when you've placed an order and then realize that you need something else.  With this shipping method there will be no additional shipping charges.  If there is a shortage in shipping costs the shortage will be charged to the original method of payment. The entire order will be held until the full shipping charge is paid.  You can, usually, add 5, to 8lbs. before there is a change to the carrier's shipping charge, depending on the items.  When you select Add-On Order for your shipping method you must include the order number, of the order that is already in the system, in the order notes for our system to know which order to combine the Add-On Order with. 

Before selecting Add-On Order check your order status page to make sure that the first order has not already shipped, or is not already being processed to ship.  We will make every attempt to save you the additional shipping costs but we do not guarantee that you can add-on to any order.  If your order status reads "printed or processing" that means that your order is already being processed to ship.  You will need to call us to see if our shipping department can still add to the order.  If they can not add to the current order, because it's already been shipped, then we will ship the Add-On Order using the same shipping method used for the order that you wanted to combine the Add-On Order with for shipping.  The shipping cost will be charged to your original method of payment.  If you choose to cancel your order, rather than pay for the shipping, then your order will be subject to the Ingredients To Die For Cancellation Policy.

If you do not have an order, in the system, to be combined with the Add-On Order will be cancelled and your payment will be refunded.  

  • What does "Customer Account" for shipping method mean?

Because all carriers hold the shipper ultimately responsible for shipping charges we no longer ship on a customer's acount. 


While most of the ingredients that you'll find on our website are natural, many are even Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS), we recommend that you store, and work with, all materials in secured areas away from children and pets. Please limit their exposure when working with any chemicals, natural or otherwise.

No.  All of our ingredients are for cosmetic and topical application only. 

Ingredients To Die For has a high commitment to product consistency and will strive to bring materials in from the same manufacturer.  In some cases circumstances beyond our control may cause us to change suppliers for our materials.  In such cases we will post an alert which will appear at the top of the item page.  These alerts will only remain active for a period of 90 days.  We understand your need to be advised on the change however, we have to avoid making our customer sample the same item over and over, because they think it keeps changing when they see the same alert over and over.  

The EcoCert standard and seal do not have anything to do with the cosmetic database, which is a self appointed, independent organization. 

The EcoCert (certifying agency accredited by COFRAC - the French committee for accreditation) seal signifies that products are manufactured using mandatory levels of natural / organic ingredients which have been produced using environmentally friendly processes which are sustainable and traceable back to the source, and that the source's farming, extraction and packaging methods comply with guidelines.  When we source materials we inquire as to the certifications however, as we are not certified and those certifications do not pass on, we are not confirming, with every purchase, that those certifications remain active.  Ingredients To Die For is not liable for the manufacture not updating us if the raw material EcoCert changes during our purchasing history with that manufacture.  They are true to the best of our knowledge but no guarantee is made with regard to any independent certifications as these outside certifications do not impact material performance.

We are not though we will pass on the manufacturers information with each material.  Ingredients To Die For does not certify with any of these bodies as we are strictly a reseller.  We are not a EcoCert  nor a Organic facility.  We only offer that information, when it applies, so that you are aware of the manufacturers practices and to further your information about the material.  In all cases where we display these certifications they are strictly for informational purposes and none of these certifications will pass on. 

Please consider that just because we are not paying for the certification does not change the nature of the product.  If it is organic or ecocert it is still organic or ecocert, it is just no longer certified.

Ingredients To Die For does not engage in any animal testing nor do we support any companies that engage in current animal testing.

  •  What is an MSDS?

MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet.  MSDS documents are used to provide your employees with a quick guide to:  how they should store, handle, and dispose of materials and any required safety measures;  what safe exposure limits are;  what they should do in the case of exposure (first aid measures);  the identity (CAS#), or composition, in some cases;  what the routes of entry into the system are and how spills should be handled by emergency personnel.  If it is a hazardous material then it is mandated by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) that your facility have an MSDS station where these documents are clearly displayed.  They also mandate that every employee have training on the use of the MSDS station for quick reference in the case of exposure.  If the material is a hazardous material they do also require that the MSDS be readily available to communicate health and safety risks to emergency responders and health care professionals.  

We will provide the MSDS for any raw material that is purchased, this does not include cosmetic bases.  Many people seem to be under the misconception that an MSDS is a tool to use in determining quality, proprietary information, and so on.  That is not the intention of an MSDS.  The MSDS is an important tool for the identification, and safety guidelines, to illustrate the hazards of working with the material, in an industrial setting.

When requested with the order we will provide the CofA for any raw materials ordered in at least one gallon sizes for liquids and at least five pound sizes for dry materials.  To request a CofA you only need to reply to your order confirmation or your electronic packing slip and type "document request" in the subject line in front of the order number (which will already be in the subject line of these confirmations).  All documentation is linked to the items through the order and this is the only way to track the documents related to the items that you have purchased.  Ingredients To Die For has a strict rotation policy and all materials being offered through the website rotate through our inventory quickly.  We only maintain active documents related to our current lot so it is important to request those documents immediately after placing your order otherwise we may no longer be on the same lot that your order was packed from and we will not be able to provide the documents as we will not offer documents that are not specifically related to the materials that were purchased.  We do maintain hard copies for a predetermined period of time however, after two weeks we will no longer be able to provide any CofA's. 

We do not provide documentation for samples or testers with the exception of those materials that are offered in only small quantity / size and in those cases we do provide documentation with orders for the largest size offered for that item.  In general we will provide documentation, upon email request, for dry materials purchased in sizes of 5lbs. or larger and for liquid materials purchased in sizes of 7lbs. or larger.  This is because the documentation is not likely to still be applicable once you order the larger sizes as our inventory moves quickly and because we do not guarantee that sample sizes are packed from the same lot.  As a true wholesale company we strive, in all areas of operation, to maintain low prices and to do that we have to anticipate the costs of doing business.  Since we get very few requests for documents with sample items we do not anticipate that as part of our normal cost of offering those materials and therefore do not have any markup in those sizes to cover that additional expense.  As we feel that every customer should only pay for what they need we can only provide this documentation to those few customers who require it, based on the following pay scale:  minimum $25.00 documentation processing fee which may be applied to the individual document fee which will be $2.00 per document.  All material specifications are available right on the item page under "SPECIFICATIONS".  Those specifications will provide the information that you need in order to determine their suitability for testing purposes.  Our customer service can answer any questions or provide any information not covered in the "SPECIFICATIONS".

  • Do you provide documentation for any special services that I may want to use for my business?
    Absolutely. If your business or some organization that you have chosen to work with requires documentation that is outside of the usual documentation that Ingredients To Die For provides as a part of it's usual and ordinary operating practices then you may request the documentation be filled out.  Ingredients To Die For will then determine on a case by case basis whether or not we can complete the documentation being requested.  In order for us fill out the documentation we will require that the information being requested be in compliance with our own policies as it relates to the release of information and the documentation requested can not violate any of our own policies in order to fill out the documentation.  You will need to familiarize yourself with our policies and the information being requested by the documentation in order to make sure that we are able to complete the documentation within our guidelines.  There is a $65.00 documentation fee for all documentation that is not considered to be a part of our normal operating process.  The only documents that are considered to be a part of our normal operating process are MSDS* and CofA* for raw materials and that is because those documents are required by most of our customers.  When you or the company that you choose to work requires documentation that is beyond the standard documentation required and usual for all companies and / or businesses and therefore not usual to our other customers then we will not absorb that cost into our product line because all customers should not have to pay for any one customer's special needs.

    Ingredients To Die For does not supply any NAFTA certification.
  • Ingredients To Die For does not supply GC or MS on essential oils or essential oil blends.
    *  Some restriction apply 

INCI stands for Ingredient Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients.  In the US this INCI is what is used to help consumer to, easily, identify the ingredient content of any cosmetic product.  It is required by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) under their Cosmetic Regulations.  The only exception is True Soaps, as defined by the FDA.

On our website you will see the INCI listing for every ingredient, or base, that we offer.  When you bottle products, for re-sale, you must include the complete, and accurate, INCI, on the label, for every product that you sell.

This is an important protection system for the consumer.  It is their only means of knowing what is in the product so that they can avoid that product if it contains something that they have, or may have, a sensitivity, or adverse reaction, to if they were to use it.

  • What does private label mean?

Under the private label contract you will be allowed to pick any package you wish to use and you can put your own product label on our products. This allows your company to focus on other things we will take care of everything when it comes to making your products to bottling it. You just order it from us, and receive it ready to sell.
Private label does mean that you will be allowed custom blending and maybe guaranteed exclusivity on a product. Please look under "Contract Manufacturing" for details on Contract manufacturing and private label.

  • What does Contract Manufacturing mean?

Under the contract manufacturing contract we will put together your formula for you in the size batch that you need. We will then put your product into gallons or pails based on the amount that you ordered.

So when you don't have the space to produce pails and pails of product we are the company for you. We will make your product based on your specifications.
Please look under "Contract Manufacturing" for details on contract manufacturing.

  • What are the requirements for private label?

Private label is a very intense, complicated process between us and the company that is wishing to use it. There is a minimal $2,000 opening order and a required $5,000 a year minimal order to maintain a private label account.

  • What are the requirements for Contract Manufacturing?

Private label is a very intense, complicated process between us and the company that is wishing to use it. There is a minimal $500 opening order. There might be a minimum yearly requirement if there are special ingredients that we normally don't stock to fulfill your order.

  • What is your policy on Private Label?

Companies placing private label and special orders may elect to use their own shipping method, to be pre paid, by that company.

Satisfaction is guaranteed on all regular orders. Customer is responsible for checking their shipment within 10 business days of receipt to report any shipping issues. Once notified a return authorization # will be issued. This return authorization # is required on all returns.

We won't be able to continue doing business if we don't do business wisely. While the policies may seem strict they are in the best interest of both Ingredients To Die For and its customers. Due to the nature of Private Label merchandising once an order is placed the company placing the order is responsible for payment of that order. If a private label order payment delivery delays deliver of the order for more than 5 working days, a 50% restocking fee will apply.

  • *Can I cancel my freight order?

Freight shipping: You may elect to have us pallet and ship orders of 200 lbs or more at significant shipping discount. Palleted orders may take up to 3 weeks to process and palleted orders must be cancelled within 72 hours.  All pallet orders not cancelled in 72 hours will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. 

When an order that is set up to ship by freight is cancelled after it has been processed the shipping charges will not be refunded as those charges are to cover the additional labor and supplies involved in the special handling to make the order ready for freight pickup.

  • Why are your bottles filled to different levels?

All of our ingredients are packaged, and sold, by weight** so different ingredients will fill bottles to different levels depending on their weight.  For ingredients that are very heavy, the bottle will have more empty space while those that are lighter will be more full.  We use only whole numbers to fill the bottles because this keeps it simple, for you, to price out your ingredients.  We do this for several reasons:  1) we want you to know exactly what you are paying for with every ingredient that you buy from us.  2)  in the industry that is the standard as weight leaves no room for error or inconsistency when formulating, while volume is very unpredictable and can lead to inconsistencies in final product duplication, aside from the fact that at some point you will reach a batch size for which there is no vessel large enough to measure by volume.  3)  when you formulate by weight you will know exactly what your cost is for each ingredient that you are using in your formula. 4)  efficacy studies are always done based on weight and when you are using a costly active you will need to use the amount that was proven effective where 0.1% can mean the difference between a high performance product that delivers and one that misses the mark and costs you dearly when it doesn't sell.  5)  most importantly, when safety studies are run they are always run by weight, which is the scientific standard, and those guidelines are published in weight and we want our customers to get used to thinking of everything, with regard to formulation, in weight to avoid safety issues with problematic ingredients such as preservatives where 0.1% will mean the difference between a safe product and one that causes harm.  

**The exception is our natural fragrance which is packed by volume, or liquid measure.  No matter what type of bottle it is these oils will be filled by volume so, the 5 ml size will be 5 mls, by volume, and the 15 ml will be 15 mls by volume.  In most cases we use the european glass bottles for our natural fragrance.  These bottles are designed with a considerable amount of head space so they will not be filled to the rim, they will only contain the quantity purchased.  The 5 ml euro bottle can, actually, hold approximately 8 mls, the 15 ml euro can, actually, hold approximately 19 mls, and so on, so these bottles will not be full to the rim, which allows the dropper cap to operate more efficiently.

Yes, almost every product has a sample size that you can purchase through the website.


We offer an economical sample of all of our natural fragrances (EO's).  These samples used to be a standard dillution of 1% EO's in Caprylic Capric Triglycerides.  We found that our customers did not like having the dilution so they are now 100% EO's unless otherwise indicated in the size selections for that item.  This sample is packed into the standard glass perfume vial with the dip stick, which holds .02oz of product. Most of our premium blends (PB), precious essential oils (PEO), and absolutes (ABS), are a 1% solution of the PB, PEO, or ABS blended with Caprylic Capric Triglycerides. We do this help you control the cost of sampling our products.  We recommend that you, always, use a scent strip to smell the EO's because smelling it out of the open vial is not always a good representation of the impact of the EO's.  If you don't have scent strips you can also use a strip of card stock or any other heavy weight paper.

To dispense using the orifice reducer on the 2.35ml bottle, hold the bottle upside down and tap on the bottom to dispense one drop, at a time, through the orifice reducer.  With the thicker essential oils you will need to hold the bottle, in your hand, for several minutes to gently warm the oil so that it will dispense properly.


*1 In all cases of damaged items you must keep all damaged items and all packaging materials, inlcuding the box, for 30 days or until we advise that it is okay to discard.  This is because the carrier, or we, may need to retrieve the damaged items for inspection and trainging purposes.  We do apologize for this inconvenience however, this is a necessary step in our filing a succesful claim.  If retrieval is required and not possible because you have discarded the damaged items then we will not be able to reimburse any damaged items because the claimif the claim is denied for that reason alone.  Of course, we will still advocate for our customer and we will do everything possible to get the claim paid.